Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chasseurs de journal intime de Nain

Охотники дневника Nain

Κυνηγοί ημερολογίων Nain

De agendajagers van Nain

Nain 日誌獵人

Nain 日志猎人

Nain일기 사냥꾼

Nain 日記のハンター

Cazadores del diario de Nain

Ca�adores do di�rio de Nain

Cacciatori del diario di Nain

Nain Tagebuchj�ger

Friday, March 17, 2006

Les chasseurs de journal de Nain

Saturday, December 03, 2005

With Albert Ford, ice near Black Island

Seal in boat, Jerome

Seal in boat

Prior search using telescope, John Ford, Black Island

Near Black Island - Jerome & Albert Ford

Joas Igliote skins a seal

Jerome, David Harris & Albert Ford on lookout

Jerome & David Harris haul a young sq flipper on board

Inside of one

Dead seals on wharfe

Dead seal on wharfe

David Harris shoots & Albert Ford at tiller

Boat full of seals

blood of one seal that sank

Polar bear skull of Zach Maggo, my knife

Polar bear skin drying Zach Maggo's house

Jerry Sillett's walrus on show

Jerry Sillett's walrus

Meat drying house at end of village

Goose shot by Wilfred Ford on way to Black Island

Bill Webb tying deer to komatik - Jim Brown watches